The Beatles – Yesterday – Guitar Lesson – How to Play on Acoustic Guitar

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Hey guys Marty Schwartz here again with “MartyMusic!” Thanks for the continued support of my new venture here.

In this lesson we go over “Yesterday” by The Beatles, specifically Sir Paul McCartney.

The guitar is tuned down a whole step so be prepared for that. It’s a great authentic sound that I think you will appreciate however. All my best and thanks for “liking” and “sharing” the videos!



  1. Once again, thank you Marty! You make this so much easier for us struggling musicians!

  2. Can you add chord charts please

  3. Yellow submarine is a good one to play to I think

  4. Volkov_guitar_academy

    Видео разбор фингерстайл арранжировки Yesterday

  5. Yesterday, solo on guitar, chords, lesson, play together –

  6. Hi sir Marty, Please The Beatles Hey Jude

  7. Great video. One of my favorite Beatles songs.

  8. he play in F so

  9. I don't get the tuning

  10. Have you ever heard of this song done by Buddy Merrill. From a Crescendo L.p. called Holiday For Guitars from the mid 1960s.

  11. Really like your jacket. It goes well with the amp and hat. More lessons with this jacket please.

  12. What is the name of the tunning?

  13. awesome, but how do I play this with power chords?

  14. Thanks Marty, I will definitely share it with my friends. Keep up the great work

  15. I don't get the initial admonition to tune down one's guitar a full step. What if one's guitar is already tuned to that key? Doesn't that comment presuppose that one's guitar is tuned in the incorrect key? Tuning and what key one is in is all relative, or is it? Saying that one needs to tune down a step suggests that there is some standard or correct key to be in; that just doesn't make any sense to me.

  16. Marty you the fuckin boy

  17. This be tough

  18. A better explanations on the strumming would have been nice, I have to keep pausing and going back

  19. Marty you bad ass

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