The Beatles – Yesterday Guitar Lesson Pt.1 – Tuning, Intro & Chorus

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Here is the most covered song of all time “Yesterday” by The Beatles.
It is relatively easy to play with only a couple little tricky parts and can be easily approached by just about any level player.

The tuning used in the actual recording of the song is a whole step down, so be sure to watch the tuning portion of the lesson videos to match your pitch to mine.

Have fun playing this classic acoustic finger-picking masterpiece!!

Lesson Taught by: Carl Brown
Video Rating: / 5


  1. this is the most helpful video i have found ty!

  2. Darrious Jackson

    If you have to be explained where EVERY finger goes in a G, F or B7 then maybe watch a "BASICS" guitar lesson rather than this.

  3. i tried tuning it… my guitar string broke .-.

  4. In chromatic what hz is correct one to lower whole step? I used to down 1/2 at 114hz

  5. Student of mystery

    basically starts at 5:00

  6. No need to tune down.. just play in F instead of G lol

  7. marilea dufresne

    This lesson moves way too slow. However, it's the most accurate one I've found so good job….

  8. This would be a perfect tutorial, but you GOTTA play the song first. You can’t just jump right into it without ever showing us what it’s supposed to sound like first.

  9. Great stuff. Play the song at the beginning so we know what we are learning.

  10. Love this tune! Nice one!

  11. Did you have to tune for 7 years?

  12. Great Carl…even there a lot of talking on this video lol.

  13. Tomasz Baniecki

    Thanks for your lessons!

    Can you make lessons for “the Boxer” by Paul Simon”? (Paul Simon Live in Paris)

  14. ang gulo ng turo mo,nakakahilo.

  15. Lesson starts at 4:20.

  16. 5:30 why not only bar with index, since the rest of the notes in the f#m are not played?
    And 9:01 just using pinky to complete the Em7, since 2nd and 3rd strings are not played?

  17. Andreanne Poupart

    why do we have do put all our fingers on the strings if we are not playing them? Could we put only the fingers we play?

  18. I need to do this for my school exam, and I'm completely new to guitar therefore this is very hard for me. This is the best lesson I've seen so far.

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