The Beautiful People Guitar Lesson – Marilyn Manson

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In this guitar lesson video, I am going to show you how to play Marilyn Manson’s biggest hit “The Beautiful People” note-for-note on the guitar.

You will need to tune your guitar to Dropped “D” tuning which will mean starting from the 6th string you will tune D A D G B E. That will then allow you to play all of those power chords with just one finger.

In this The Beautiful People guitar lesson, you will notice that almost everything revolves around the main riff or some sort of variation of it.

There is a lot of muted strumming being used throughout most of the song in order to fill out the sound a bit. I will demonstrate towards the beginning of the lesson how to get a nice and thick muted strum sound. After that, if you know the song well, you will know when and where that technique is being used.

After you learn the main riff, you will pretty much only have one more section to learn which is the pre-chorus. However, this pre-chorus uses only single notes playing a descending chromatic line and is extremely easy to play so nothing to worry about there.

One more thing before I go, there is a slight variation of the main riff played at the end of the song. At the end of the video lesson, I will show you how to play this variation as well.

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  1. Hercules Brofister

    whats great about this is #1, it's instantly recognizable to so many people, #2, it's super easy to play as is, #3, it's super easy to embellish on, like some PM (16th note alternate picked, or whatever sounds good to you) 0-3-2-0-0-0 or 0-6-3-0-0-0 or sumptin when there's not normally much/anything going on.

  2. It's so cool and not very hard, thanks for the video

  3. Matt Mohs Outdoors

    What a joke of a rock song

  4. This is like the drop d smoke on the water but it sounds pretty cool just like smoke on the water


  6. Yo I'm a close friend of Brian.and you will never believe me but I'm sat here with the pale emperor high as balls but me Brian or Manson as people best know him as but Brian john and I came up wid the riff in his living room actually he just told me to write this because we know you beautiful people won't believe it so what I have I got to lose anyway Brian sends his love and keep rocking big kiss meow

  7. Tone pls.

  8. Can you do Mobscene and Disposable Teens?

  9. What Guitar is he using in this video?

  10. which defects/ pedals do you use for this .place..

  11. What are ur amp setting for this song I have a line 6 spider 2 and I need HELP setting to mind for this song PLEASE HELP

  12. Do antichrist superstar by Manson. Another fun and easy tune.

  13. how do you get that tone ?

  14. hello Paul Rudd

  15. What's your amp set up


  17. UnlawfulDestruction

    What pedal do you need for this

  18. Heavy simplicity, keep it real Manson

  19. What’s the amp set up?

  20. Easier than I thought, if you are a bit of a amateur or beginner than this is a good song for you to learn

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