The Black Keys Lonely Boy Guitar Lesson Tutorial – Minor Pentatonic Song #7

NEW ‘Lonely Boy’ tutorial in HD with Jam Track!!

In this video, we cover how to play the song Lonely Boy by The Black Keys. ‘Riff 1’ in the TAB below the video uses a ‘Whammy Pedal’. This makes the pitch go down, similar to a Whammy Bar on Stratocaster guitars. This is needed to be able to play this riff, but you can also just play it normal.

Riff 2 is where I’d like your attention to be focused for this level, along with the chords for the rest of the song and the rhythm in the verses. This is a fantastic song from the Rock band of the moment- enjoy!

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  1. Needs more cowbell. I mean pitch shift. .good job..

  2. the tabs arent on your site

  3. Hi Andy i'm 65 and just started trying to play the guitar i've been all over youtube looking for help and have found you the must helpful. love your tip on the J button as i use it a lot just want you to know you have been a great help should be ok by the time i get to 75. thanks Rob

  4. Standard tuning ?

  5. Hi Andy. Wonderful lesson as always. I really appreciate it as I love this song. I’ve been a member of your website for a long time now and it and you have helped me immensely. I was just stuck on one point that I was hoping you could help me with.

    When you play the demo at the start after the riff you slide down the neck I think to the 5th fret and play a quick chord or maybe power chord before sliding back to play the main chords. Could you tell me what you’re playing there please? It sounds great but I just can’t identify the finger placement when I’ve tried it.

    Thanks very much.

  6. where's the tab or do you have to buy it?

  7. Amazing!

  8. Can you teach Elevator by The Black Keys

  9. hey guys, how do you find this particular noise with your ampli ? (i have a fender mustang V2) thanks

  10. Eirik Almenningen

    Cant find the tabs, only the chord sheet.

  11. Andy. J is ten seconds back, K is pause, L is ten seconds forward. Amazing!!
    I didn't know it either. Just started fiddling with the keyboard and found them. I'm sure there's many more tricks..

  12. Love your work Andy!!!

  13. what r the amp settings?

  14. As a beginner Im having a hard time following the chords and how to play them, you need to be more clear on that.

  15. If you need- check out my recommended guitars & accessories for beginners PLUS all the gear I use personally here!

  16. Flavio Tomas Trostel Pacheco

    Duuuuuuuuude you are awesome

  17. Where can I get a pedal that JUST lowers the octave like that?

  18. Your best at guitar

  19. Excellent!

  20. What kind of guitar do you use?

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