The Blues Scale (Minor Pentatonic) and the Major Pentatonic Scales on the Guitar

Be sure to visit to download the tablature and MP3 Jam track for this lesson.

This lesson gives a brief overview of the major and minor pentatonic scales on the guitar, which are (in my opinion) the only 2 scales you really need to know well. You can play just about anything with these 2 scales (in fact, they’re the only scales I know!). I give some examples using each scale and explain how the major pentatonic scale is the happier sounding scale, versus the minor pentatonic scale which is more sad (also referred to as the blues scale). Be sure to download the tablature and MP3 jam track for this lesson to practice these!
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  1. thank you so much!!!!!

  2. Great Teacher

  3. I'm curious why you don't use your pinky on the high E string but you use it on the low E string?

  4. Awesome video man. Thanks.

  5. Super lesson. Best explanation of pentotonic scales to date.

  6. Could you please point me to free resources where you teach the parts of those rifts that you do "advanced". Thank you

  7. Talks too much

  8. This video was very helpful! Easily the best for someone wishing to be an intermediate.

  9. justin is chilling

    I think that pentatonic

  10. You didn't explain the change of fingering for the Root note or finish on the Root note for the Major scale.

  11. ok i know the pattern and all and get the shift between the minor and major and I get that it starts on E. But what if the key of the song is in G or A or C?


  13. Great knowledge cool lesson THANKS A LOT!!

  14. Don't worry bout the "audio quality" mi amigo. Just keep doin what you're doin. That is an excellent description of major vs minor. Easy to comprende for beginners. You young bucks got it easy, just watch a vid, in your Pepa Pig undies. In Old School, you had to find someone willing to show the scales, and their licks. Or, find a tutor. It was time consuming. You 'actually' had to drive the family station wagon, to a music store, to find your covers. No Ultimate Guitar, or Chord U. But, even the vets can learn here. Like me. There's some excellent pickers out there today. It's really important that you develop your own style. Like BB the King said, "do what you do best." I've found that to be true. Find your own rhythm, make it click. But remember, even The King's licks were basically simple, the BB box. He did what he did best. You might be over thinking it. But, even the most simple phrases, can be made in to a rhapsody. Find a simple phrase, make it your own. Like BB the King.

  15. Your guitar is so creamy. Mmm

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