The Boxer – Guitar Lesson

The Boxer - Guitar Lesson

Carbon Leaf’s Carter Gravatt explains how to play The Boxer on the acoustic guitar.
Download chord changes to Carbon Leaf Songs here:
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  1. that's the wrong boxer I think.

  2. The Boxer? What Boxer? What a waste of time, good Lord!

  3. you're certainly a good guitar player but a poor teacher !

  4. This ain't the boxer? Wrong title buddy ..

  5. legal… que violao é esse?

  6. This is the Boxer?

  7. dafuq am i supposed to do with this?

  8. This isn't the Paul Simon version, I don't understand this video, sorry.

  9. can you explain the rythmic please ? the up and downs  please:)

  10. Not really the video that I was looking for, I was looking for Paul Simon's The Boxer, but this is still a really cool video, and I love drop D tuning, so I added this to my watch later list for future use! Thank you for putting this out there!

  11. Thanks for doing these, Carter!  These are great!  But now I must take a break because my fingers are sore 🙂

  12. Blue Ridge Laughing. That's what I want! Oh, and teach me the banjo! And if you don't play that yet, start so you can teach me. Cause my banjo is collecting dust!

  13. Great tutorial! Finally someone who plays the bridge correctly. And to those wondering about the S&G song called the boxer, this song just happens to have the same name but is by a band called Carbon Leaf. It was popular on adult alternative stations for abut a year in the early 2000s. An awesome song!

  14. This is not the Simon and Garfunkel tune, correct?

  15. Sorry, that's not the boxer that I know. Nice sounding guitar though.

  16. Must be a different Boxer than Paul Simon's.

  17. Carter, your skill never fails to impress me…

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