The CAGED System In Under 10 Minutes

The CAGED System In Under 10 Minutes

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The CAGED System tends to baffle many players but once they understand it, it always opens up a new world of possibilities for necks-ploration. I just made that word up.
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  1. I have been recommended so many different videos about the CAGED System but none of them have been able to make it click in my head like this one. I love the relaxed style as well, keep up the good work!! ;D

  2. Your channel is a godsend. Thank you for all of your efforts.

  3. Banar The Guitarist

    Thank you bro

  4. is there a "Minor" version of the CAGED system?

  5. this works for all chords right? so not only for cmajor

  6. Wow!! You are a life saver. I understand chord shapes better now. Thank You so much.

  7. good video. the name of this things is so d0mb , cringe worthy stuff from the music nerds

  8. I get it cause I've been playing for a while but I honestly think a beginner is going to be completely confused, you need to slow things down a bit, also people should know you don't always have to follow the rules and play every single note in a chord or bar chord, that leads to all sorts of cool sounds.

  9. I get CAGED system but im confused on scales, any tips? On how to play scales with caged?

  10. I have never found someone so good on teaching guitar like you man. Congrats!

  11. cheers for that..class…but .im afraid im gonna have to keep coming back….

  12. Coming from a ukelele this video was very helpful

  13. This is a really good presentation of CAGED. As there is always one trouble maker in the crowd I personally find the moveable G and moveable C positions to be very uncomfortable. I'm wondering if using the A E D only shapes is the worst idea you have ever heard? those 3 shapes seem to be much more natural and easier to fret. Your teaching style is very clear and easy to follow.

  14. What's the black box in the background?

  15. A very thank u as heavy as black hole. Very nice.. cleared all my doubts

  16. Wonderful lesson!

  17. Huh… I’ve played guitar for 13 years now, but I never made much progress as far as having freedom to move around the neck like this. I’ve been primarily playing banjo for almost 3 years now, and I can play it SO much better than I’d ever hoped to play guitar. But as I learned, I had actually figured out the banjo version of the CAGED system. I had no idea what it was called, or that there was a name for it. But watching this video brought me back to learning the(banjo has 3 major variations/3 mine variations, and each has a 7th) chords on banjo and how to play them elsewhere on the neck. As a result, I began noticing the similarities and advantages of this method of learning on guitar vs. banjo, so I began teaching myself any time I was around a guitar, and I’d actually taught a few of my friends the CAGED method completely on accident, without knowing what it was! It’s basically impossible to sound good while playing ragtime in guitar unless you can figure out at least part of this system.

    Good job! I didn’t necessarily learn anything new, but even so, you’re a great teacher and this is really helpful and informative. Maybe I’ll make a video soon about how this pertains to banjo?

    (As everybody and their dog plays guitar, it’s a challenge to find videos like this for banjo, so maybe I might make a video on it sometime)

    I’m about to link this to a couple friends that I think would benefit from it. 🙂

  18. So simple! Thank you! I got this now!

  19. How did I know this before I knew this existed. o.o The universe is funny, I mean it's pretty common sense to be honest!

  20. I feel like you just blew my mind but I was too stoned or drunk to completely understand. I feel like I have some of the puzzles and you just gave me a way to make the frame but some assclown left out a piece. or 20. I am hoping to revisit this because you are somewhat of a genius if even I have a clue.

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