The Call of Ktulu Guitar Lesson (Rhythms/Part 1) – Metallica

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In this Call Of Ktulu guitar lesson video series, I will teach you how to play this much loved instrumental by Metallica, note-for-note.

The tuning is standard tuning E A D G B E.

In the first video lesson, I will demonstrate all of the rhythm guitar parts in the order that they appear. The opening clean guitar sections contain some really cool chord work, some of which can be pretty challenging to play. I will break down each of these sections and cover any overdubs that are on the original recording as well.

When the big riffs start, we have a main riff that is played slightly differently live than it is on the original recording. I will demonstrate both ways.

The riffs just keep building up the tension throughout and are really fun to play.

In the second video lesson, I will demonstrate how to play Kirk Hammett’s main guitar solo and the harmony guitar section that happens later in the song.

Kirk’s solo contains lots of challenging licks, but they can be broken down pretty easily since they use lots of repeating patterns. So hopefully, you will be able to get them memorized quickly.

I hope you guys enjoy these lessons on what is yet another great metal classic from Metallica! #thecallofktuluguitarlesson #metallica #guitarcovers

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  1. Abheces Habemuskk

    On the 3rd clean clip, the chromatic one, you forgot: the last repetition, the last chord is different: from 1st string to 4th: 0140.

  2. Sergio Perez Arrieta

    Hi Carl, just a simple question here, what pedal/s do you use for distrotion??

  3. bernardo sabbathalica66

    Un gran maestro saludos desde chile

  4. can i learn from this video with an acoustic guitar?

  5. This is a tough song that looks easy

  6. Cara, me tomou uma eternidade, mas pelos 13:00 eu vi onde errava direto e onde eu ficava frustrado por não soar igual.

    Kudos to you and thanks for the thorough explanation.

  7. I'm stuck in the first riff.

  8. Thank You so much Carl!!! You really brought me back to Guitar-Playing with your Metallica Videos. Greetz from Germany 🙂

  9. I wish the fretboard view was upside down to mimic my own perspective

  10. The beginning sounded like one

  11. Thank You so much! Could You please do the unforgiven 2 lessen in the future?

  12. Can't wait for the next part! Please be soon!!!


  14. This song reeks of Mustaine! He definitely wrote a good chunk of it as it's just so in line with his style.

  15. Do Fight Fire with Fire please.

  16. Iron Maiden Dance of Death please

  17. A Symphony in Heavy Metal.

  18. Can u do fight fire with fire? The rhythm seems easy but how do u play the harmony part?

  19. Dude please do hit the lights I've been searching a lot for quality lessons of that song and your'e the only guy I know who is quality. That would be absolutely phenomenal!

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