The Canon In D Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Johann Pachelbel

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The Canon In D by Johann Pachelbel is one of the most popular and widely recognized compositions from the last 500 years. Pachelbel was a German musician who predated J.S. Bach by a generation in the mid-late Baroque period. A canon is one of the most strict and complex forms of composition that exists, requiring the composer to construct a melody that can be played in multiple voices and blend with each other where each voice is following each other, playing the exact same melody. It is a bit like an endless round.
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  1. why are you hurting that guitar?

  2. sir full like keep it up

  3. This is my favorite music, I have a guitar but I cant play this.The cords is so lalalah

  4. Canon in D Major by Johann Pachelbel Videos

    I love Canon in D

  5. In this video i was really looking for the TABs and i did not find it…

  6. i should recomend you not to call this a guitar lesson.
    either you could explain the tabs, because it´s what people look for.

  7. You amaze me, Sir. You did a very good job

  8. I thought this would be a basic lesson. I'll never be able to do what he just did. =S

  9. the guitarist here is too good for that guitar. usually its the other way round

  10. may i have the sheet pls


    Nice sir! :*

  12. If it's in D does that mean the guitar's E string is tuned to D? 

  13. AsianDriver WithContacts

    show off

  14. Snowmanm Mastermer

    About a year ago I bought a more expensive guitar for myself and decided to grab this one for my girlfriend. After taking it home and playing on it I became attached. It turns out that I actually prefer to play the c3 over my other guitars! This guitar has superb sound and plays very nicely.

    here is the link to it in case anyone is interested:

  15. +Toby Turner +Tobuscus +TobyGames the new sad song.

  16. Yo are do not verry good artist but you are verry good teacher! Thanks!

  17. awesome

  18. I have a question is that a western or a conert guitar ????

  19. tnx…thumbs up!

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