The Cars Just What I Needed Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Hey guys, today I’m teaching you a classic late 70’s tune from The Cars in memory of Ric Ocasek who recently passed away. The song, Just What I Needed, is an all time classic that anyone can dance and groove to! In this lesson I also teach the cool and intricate solo as well. So grab your guitar and let’s get rocking!

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  1. Marty…just curious . . . what guitar are you using in this tutorial ???

  2. What ever happened to that video of you and some guys doing a cover of Led Zeppelin- what is and what should never be? Guy had a fretless bass. Can’t find it anywhere.

  3. Thanks for cleaning up that guitar but it could use a light polish. Sorry to bust your clops on this. I have ECD (excessive cleaning a disorder). Nice lesson.

  4. Thanks for the tutorial Marty . . . all the best & stay well !!!

  5. Hey Martz! Looking good brother. Thanks again for all the lessons. You are the best that's ever been.

  6. Do a song on Life is a highway please.

  7. Can you cover taxman by the Beatles

  8. you are such a guitar legend 😀

  9. Thanks – can't wait to try it! (At least the rhythm part.) Sad about Ric. Still sad about Tom. Can't have too many Cars or Tom Petty teaches!

  10. Marty can you play Beverly Hills by weezer

  11. Howdy Marty could you do a lesson on reignwolf are you satisfied.

  12. Nirvana: dumb

  13. Sounds like Green Day and Pat Benitar

  14. Hey Marty, there is a certain song that I really like by The Cars that I haven’t seen you do a lesson on, and so maybe you can teach it sometime, it’s called “You Might Think”.

  15. Pleeeeeeeeease do some George Strait songs it’s just about impossible to find good tutorials on literally any of his songs

  16. How do you play revolve by Melvin’s

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