The Chainsmokers – Closer ft. Halsey – Super Easy Beginner Acoustic Songs For Guitar – Lesson

The Chainsmokers - Closer ft. Halsey - Super Easy Beginner Acoustic Songs For Guitar - Lesson

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  1. Just a suggestion, but i wondering if you could put the tab charts/ chord charts on the screen – since i struggle following what somebody says without reading the tab or chords on screen

  2. Can u do a tutorial on Rozes by Chainsmokers

  3. Man, it is amazing how far your channel has come. Thanks to you, I have been playing for a decade and teaching me when I was 9 (:

  4. why should i do if dont have that cape

  5. Is there a no capo version? That would be nice!

  6. You my sir, have earned a new subscriber.

  7. can you do an intermediate slightly stoopid song? such as zeplike or closer to the sun?

  8. So Marty are you done with Guitarjamz?

  9. This question must be asked.
    What happened to your other,big channel "Guitar Jamz"?
    you said you will be back in 2016 but nothing showed up..there are still new videos that being uploaded of you teaching stuff,so Im REALY CONFUSED.CAN YOU EXPLAIN?

  10. Can you do an easy version of "My Friends" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers please.

  11. Hi Marty, can you teach me the song : Love to burn from Neil Young? Its on the ragged glory album.
    Love your new channel so far, learned some intresting bits from it already ;)

  12. Could u do blowing in the wind bob Dylan please

  13. hi Marty,great video.Can you please make tutorial how to play song Snuff by band slipknot

  14. Man, marty you sure have been busy the past few months. So many videos! Also noticed you seem much happier on your new channel.

  15. Hey Marty. Would you mind doing a tutorial on Rough Boy by ZZ Top sometime. Btw glad to have you back!

  16. Please please do Kings & Queens by 30 seconds to Mars

  17. Can you please do a video on how to play Second Chance by Shinedown Marty

  18. you've helped me so much these past few years keep it up

  19. Hey Marty, first off, your a badass. Thanks for doing this for everyone. I just caught the bug on guitar and thanks to you I can actually play some stuff, so thank you. Learned so much I'm gonna get couple of your bundle DVDs, I'm real excited. I was just wondering if you could make couple vids for these songs if it's ok.
    Freak on a leash-KornHeaven light your light shine downHash pipe/say it ain't so-weezerTush/drivin while blind-zz topRocky Mountain way-joe Walsh
    Lol thanks man – James

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