The Clash Should I Stay Or Should I Go Guitar Lesson

The Clash Should I Stay Or Should I Go Guitar Lesson

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Hey what’s up everybody! Marty here with a new lesson. Thanks for your continued support and see you again soon!


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  2. you and I are gonna tear shit up

  3. Can u do a video of "Foo Fighters – Stranger Things Have Happened". Awesome content!

  4. why does everyone only know this because of stranger things?….. ive seen the epissode but seriosly am i the only one who likes classic rock other than marty?>>>>

  5. To anyone who came to the comments to rant about knowing the song before Stranger things

    Ok boomer

  6. Am I the only one who heard this song in Far Cry 4?

  7. This song is Strange but I’ve heard Strange Things

  8. All those basic stranger things hoes while I'm out here for Sergio klaus and sid

    If you understand this please marry me

  9. Bakatatoバカタト

    Should I stay or should eggo?

  10. Witch strings are you playing

  11. Goon Squad Skateboarding

    Great Song cheers Marty

  12. Please do lost in the supermarket or I fought the law I want to learn these songs pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaseeeee Marty

  13. I want to play this to get a girl and it’s a great song

  14. Anyone not here because of stranger things?

  15. who knows this song from

    FAR CRY 4

  16. Anyone know this song before stranger things? No… Just me? Ok.

    I'm going to like my own comment

  17. Anyone here because they actually want to learn the song?

  18. I Wear the Same Shirt

    Rock the casbah plzzzzzz

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