The Commodores BRICK HOUSE Funk Bag Bass Guitar Lesson EricBlackmonMusicHD

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  1. Well done! Other bass tutorials should take a lesson from Mr. B

  2. Awesome lesson!  Thanks for slowing it down and walking us through it.

  3. Victor E. L. Shelton

    Hey Eric you have great tutorial on playing bass guitar songs however at this point in time in my base plane I could use some help on equipment I have found that tone is the most important thing can you help me

  4. I really like your videos.. Haved helped me alot..TY 

  5. wow the funk went to bass! what magic did you put in that bag. i really like the hammering it gives it the sound .with out it it just doesn't have the grove. you got it man! you nailed it!

  6. Funkaaayyyy 😀  thumbs up!! Thanks for sharing this. Very Cool!!

  7. Very Good 

  8. Yes! get funkay!

  9. another great lesson ! How about Disco Inferno bass line ?

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