The Days of wine and roses “Chord/melody and Arpeggio lesson” / Jazz Guitar lesson

The Days of wine and roses

Chord/melody with tabs/notes and tips on practicing 7th chord tones.
In jazz music the arpeggio playing is much important. I show how you can practice and use them in your playing.

Here´s the jazz guitar lesson on my website:

Download chord/melody guitar tabs/notes here:

….and here´s the 7th chord tones to all chords in the tune:

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  1. Great touch and timing

  2. Très intéressant et instructif. Thanks a lot

  3. Nice tone for a Tele. What forward pickup is that, and what amp are you using?

  4. Gabriel Cordero

    Are you improvising with this chord tones?

  5. Gabriel Cordero

    Thanks !!!! This was really helpfull..

  6. Merci et très utiles conseil. France

  7. Alberto Aranguren

    lo felicito por la manera en que hace tan facil la melodia

  8. Thank you Thomas! Great stuff. Saludos desde Argentina

  9. Guitar Lessons with Bud Summers

    Great playing!

  10. I'm getting loads out of this lesson. Thanks a lot Thomas!

  11. very nice..thanks

  12. Really nice.

  13. Sebastien Zunino

    beautiful exposition and impro !

  14. TheCaptFlashback

    Hey Thomas, I'm really loving your wonderful jazz licks on this classic…I just subbed you and I hope you will do the same my new friend…Cheers….Cap….

  15. Very inspiring ! 10-46 strings ?

  16. Hi Thomas. You play so beautifully ! Love it. Have subbed to your channel. Have a great weekend ! All the best….John

  17. The wonderful performance thanks I am greeting

  18. welcome my friend I can see that you like the good music perhaps and my channel will appeal to you I am greeting warmly and I wish the wonderful new year:)
    I Sub Your Channel You Look For My 🙂

  19. Aleksandar Vlasic

    Beautiful !!!

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