The Doors – People Are Strange Acoustic Guitar lesson

The Doors - People Are Strange Acoustic Guitar lesson Learn to play The Doors – People Are Strange Guitar lesson – sample guitar lesson.

People Are Strange – The Doors, written by Robby Krieger and Jim Morrison, this tune appeared on their 1967 album Strange Days.

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  1. intro is wrong

  2. No Sir, this is not a tutorial. its a Advert for Paid Lessons !

  3. arpeggio he plays is don't fear the reaper

  4. Thanx, Landi.

  5. What's the last chord in the song? Somebody? I've looked for hours!

  6. thank you wery much!

  7. Cedomir Spasojevic

    you talk too fast

  8. too much chatter not enough lesson.

  9. You sound great! I like that you don't lollygag with unnecessary talk, and keep right to the lesson with good pace. Some teachers go too slow. We students can always pause the clip to slow down.  Looking forward to learning this one and singing/playing it back for ya!

  10. I love this tutorial!

  11. Great version! you are tremendously creative.

  12. I guess it must be another guitar playing with him at the same time)

  13. Vladimir Zivanovic

    technicaly good…but if you could get a little bit of emotions…no offence

  14. WOW!
    Great stuff…
    This guy should have

  15. Love you, great riff!

  16. @Bi0mesis02 thanks man

  17. great lesson

  18. one of the coolest riffs ever

  19. this guy is a legit teacher

  20. Nicolás Marchesi

    THANKS MAN!!!!!

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