The Eagles – Hotel California Guitar Lesson Pt.1 – Acoustic Guitar Parts

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Free “Hotel California” JamTrack to play the guitar part with the rest of the band:

Lesson Taught by: Carl Brown


  1. Matthew Murdock

    Please someone what's the strumming pattern???

  2. I wish there were more tutorial videos made by you. The other guitarlesson365 'teacher' (sorry I dont know his name) is great, but i feel like your videos are a lot more detailed and explanatory. As a beginner I can learn faster and in a better shape with your videos.

  3. Diego Munoz-de-Cote Romay

    By any chance do you know what key this is in

  4. Can someone list all the chords required for this song? (like theres no capo, as he does in the video)

  5. Whats the strumming pattern for the chorus? Thanks

  6. is Sheldon from big bang teaching guitar. nice picking

  7. This is hands down the best instructional video I've seen for any song. I've played this song for years in standard tuning but dropped it from my song list because it just didn't sound right. I've learned from this video note for note in very short time and wow what a difference. Thanks for posting!

  8. Hi is there a tab available for this?

  9. Does anyone know the strumming pattern for the chorus I couldn't figure it out

  10. I notice that most advanced players use the capo, but Is there a difference if I play bm f# a e g d with open e tuning? Don fielder has a capo on, so he is definitely playing it this way, but I think fry is playing open, is that right?

  11. Digest Everything

    Of all the "Hotel California" videos, I found this one as the easiest to learn. Thanks a lot.

  12. Awesome video. Thanks.

  13. masterchiefcao

    Hey Carl, can you consider doing a lesson on the Hell Freezes Over version of Hotel California?

  14. You say you can play it on anything? Could i play it on Ice Cream.

  15. Lazy Llama Gaming

    Thx helps a lot man, I Got the song down in no time thx to you.

  16. If you're hands are flexible enough, you can play the Am7, B7, C, Dsus2, Esus2, Em, and G chord shapes without a capo.

  17. Anyone know where I can get the tab to this video, I cba writing it down!

  18. Ramachandran Ramanathan

    The video is really helpful and good but I need the strumming pattern for the last part of the video anyone help please :)

  19. I love this song. Amazing work.

  20. Midnight wolf911

    how can support this channel

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