The Eagles – Hotel California Guitar Lesson Pt.2 – Electric Guitar Rhythms

The Eagles - Hotel California Guitar Lesson Pt.2 - Electric Guitar Rhythms Click here to check out my Premium Guitar Courses!!!!!

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Free “Hotel California” JamTrack to play the guitar part with the rest of the band:

Lesson Taught by: Carl Brown


  1. i think it would be awesome to teach the fills so that we would be able to play with the album and play it live

  2. 200,000 people gave up… but not me!

  3. Ariq is full of shit. Music on any instrument is not about being "politically correct" its about the one who is playing and their feeling and the enjoyment that one gets from it. If his lessons are shit or anyone else's lessons are shit and you can do better, then make a video teaching it yourself and show that you are better! If not don't knock the man or woman making the effort to teach those who want to learn.

  4. hey! nice videos all around. I think you are the best teacher when it comes to learning songs.

  5. buddy, you get carpel tunnel by playing. period. You get carpel tunnel by typing…

  6. what do you mean?

  7. lol

  8. Thanks for a great lesson.

  9. Carl, you mention a performance video in this lesson. I have looked on YT and your website and can not find it. Was is taken down? I would love to hear it.

  10. hang on wont the capo get in the way when im playing these chords

  11. great lesson sir..tnx so much

  12. Excellent

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