The Eagles – Hotel California Guitar Tutorial w/TABS

Video cliffs available when viewed from my website:

Eagles – Hotel California


  1. Thanks, appreciate the effort. It's awesome. I'll subscribe

  2. The Best Tutorial Ever! worth practicing

  3. HKGER Ukulele Bag

    Thank you very much for sharing this tutorial. It really helps !

  4. Murray Kiesanowski

    Hi I have to say that this would be the best lesson for h/cal that I have come across. very well explained, have started learning it through your vidio on utube .thanks a lot m k nz

  5. Sorry I got distracted but why do you always tilt your head slightly downwards and gaze so intently at the camera? I mean you're cute but.. Also, I think it would really help if you shorten your videos or separate them into parts, I'm really interested in your content! Thanks for the effort 🙂

  6. Love it!! Thanks Bro!!

  7. thank you man! you're the best!! I was trying to learn the song and i just arrived here and i learned, you have one more susciber 🙂

  8. Thanks for taking the time in putting this epic guitar work together. It's help me a lot and definitely the most comprehensive coverage I have seen so far in YouTube. Keep up the great work. Simply awesome.

  9. Thank man for your offer and you try hard

  10. Is there a PDF file I can download that includes the tab? Thank you for the video, great tutorial!

  11. Thank you so much for this!

  12. super cool the best

  13. Well done on a great lesson Brian, that's a lot of dedication to put together all the parts to that great song, I've been playing 62 years this year and consider my self a patience man, but I would never have put all the parts, like you have. RESPECT man!!!!

  14. Obrigado Broh!

  15. HKGER Ukulele Bag

    Thanks for this nice lesson !

  16. Thanks for a great lesson. Been playing 40 years and still learning.

  17. Brendan McDonough

    very cool dude thanks

  18. Michael Guerrero

    I want to thank you for such a great lesson. Well done. Thanks for sharing.

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