The Eagles Lyin Eyes Guitar Lesson – Melody Lesson 1 | YouTube Guitar Lessons

In today’s Lyin Eyes guitar lesson we are going to break down the beautiful melodic riff. Check out the other Lyin Eyes lessons including the backing track video to play along with.


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  1. good to learn

  2. Nathalie Maurice

    Thanks so much !!! You're an excellent teacher… I used to listen to this song every day , I feeling so sad today 🙁 We will miss Glenn so much …

  3. good job …

  4. Fantastic but could you show us the chorus.don't see it anywhere

  5. I guess you could say Im a beginner but after 20 minute practice…. I sound like a pro.

  6. Dilantha Perera

    omg i lost my fingers  lol  🙂  thank you mate!!!

  7. Extremely helpful!  Saved me a bunch of time trying to figure out this solo, and now I've got it down.  I loop-tracked it with the chords and it sounds fantastic!.  Nice work and thank you for taking the time and effort to share it with the rest of us!

  8. I love this song but didn't know how to play it like this. Your method is simple and I managed to pick it after almost 15 mins. practice. Just wonderful. Thanks for your video.

  9. That little head keeps freakin me out.

  10. Totally GREAT the way he is teaching the lesson.  Take it from a beginner (me) who is trying to learn.  If you're that experienced, move on to another video that suits you better.  Why complain when this is really helping someone not as experienced?  There is something for everyone, just go find what you're looking for.  Best regards to the teacher, EXCELLENT VIDEO!  I wish more online teachers would show how to play things like this…GREAT!  THANK YOU!

  11. Chaiya Sinvorakoopt

    Very good teaching. Eagles' song has never been easy to play one person.

  12. most youtube users also understand clearly that there is a way to skip the bits they don't need so they can concentrate on the bits they need to learn, for experienced guitarists such as yourself, there are vids on here that are basically covers that you might better appreciate leaving the kind of tutorials like this one for people that aren't quite so fluent yet like me.


  13. These vids are excellent, i can't quite follow what your fingers are doing at 4:50 but i found a way to get the same sound that suites me….great stuff mate, keep them coming.

  14. Well @chuck8417 for experienced guitarists such as yourself or I, we can use tabs or those other videos you were talking about. These videos are probably exactly what beginners want. A step by step detailed explanation. Cheers!

  15. But other than that, I learned it! Thank you!!

  16. Mate, you are really dragging this out. With Youtube most Youtube users understand clearly that there is a pause button, and also they can replay what they need to.
    Please take this as constructive criticism and move your lesson more fluently for even the basic beginner to learn. We can pause and replay….no need for you to drag this out the way you have.

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