The Eagles “Take it Easy” Easy Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson Tutorial

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Take It Easy Guitar Lesson with Greg! Greg Breaks down this iconic Eagles song for you.
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  1. Very well done lesson good explanations and tips, Ill click on your sight for more.

  2. Great video, and great tone. However, doesn’t the intro start on & of 4 and not the downbeat?

  3. isn't it G, AM7/G, D7SUS/G

  4. Congratulations I'm from Mexico, You are the best guitar

  5. Great stuff …… you the man Greg!!!
    BTW … Is it Greg Seaman or Greg Evans???

  6. You should start the video with a play through. That way I’ll know if I want to watch.

  7. hello gregory nice lesson thanks nice sound warm is it martin D28 guitar i love the warm sound of this martin

  8. I appreciate the detail you gave for the song intro. Every other tutorial skips it. The slide is easier than the bend. Thank you for sharing this.

  9. wrong wth the g

  10. Greg, A) This is a great lesson! And B) I LOVE this song!!!

  11. Have subscribed your live videos brought me here.

  12. Beautiful! Makes me want to throw my golf clubs in the lake! er I mean Guitars.

  13. Prasert Pipattananant

    Love it, but a bit too quick , i ll try !

  14. Great work, master!!!

  15. Thank you. Much appreciated

  16. Is the bend a whole or half step? Thanks.

  17. Awesome! Very helpful.

  18. Nice job explaining the chord changes. Great lesson. Thanks!

  19. Thanks Greg, such a great lesson. Most others don't detail the little chord changes. I've been trying to find a good lesson on this song that gets all of the little details like yours, got it now and I appreciate it… keep it up and Take it Easy Greg!

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