The Essential Country Bending Lick | Guitar Lesson

Learn some great pedal steel bending licks. But more importantly understand the theory behind them so you can actually use them in your playing.

Free music/tab for this lesson can be found here: coming soon…just need to write it out.

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  1. Speaking of LYNYRD SKYNYRD….., the one i would love to see you break down is "I Know Little" from the Street Survivors album/cd. That song is FULL of great chops, tasty licks and awsome rhythm playing. It has it all, country chops, bends, pull offs and a killer Steve Gaines slide solo. To many hacks on here are close but no cigar!! I know the song well but i always like to hear others play songs i know to see if i am doing anything wrong. A person can ALWAYS learn!! Plus, to many people, especially todays younger players need to know how GREAT skynyrd was and are soooo much more than Freebird and Sweet home. I highly recommend everyone listen to their EPIC live album from 1976 "ONE MORE FROM THE ROAD", my fav album of all time and hear how well these 3 guitar players interacted without stepping on each other, killer slide in T For Texas and Allen Collins version of Crossroads that Clapton himself said, "it's how i should have played it". Please consider breaking down I Know A Little for us all if you would. Your lessons are AWSOME!!

  2. Hessel van der Wal

    You're the real amazing dude, Adrian.

  3. Nail on the head….

  4. Betty Davis eyes, Dean Ray version please make an acoustic tutorial… thank you

  5. Matt Syverson the Paperback Rocker

    Great vid, thanks.

  6. Very cool and fun

  7. Thanks for a fun and useful video Adrian, there's a lot here for me to work on. You could play with any of the bands at my favorite watering holes here in my great state of Arizona.

  8. Make more post punk lessons! you have the best song lessons on YouTube

  9. Nice job and so right at about two minutes in. Understanding the theory is key to transposing and having a clue when memory fails. It never hurts to know why we do what we do.

  10. Great instruction Adrian, this works so well in country rock. I grew up listening and learning guitar from Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker, Tom Petty and more. I remember places in songs where almost every one of these were used in some of their songs and they were the first riffs I had to learn if I wanted to ‘play in the band’. You are really a super instructor and great player. Nice to see your videos again.

  11. Тарас Загайкевич

    Yay! You're back!!!!

  12. Excellent lesson, ty

  13. I like the last lick with the sixth's in there. Being that you introduced me to them when you did the lesson on Soul Man.

  14. James Lee Garvan

    Awesome lessons , thank you

  15. Thanks for doing a video on country bends. New players need to integrate these techniques into their "guitar toolbox." If you did a series on some Lynyrd Skynyrd tunes, new guitarists would realize how these bending riffs populate rock music.
    BTW, your lessons covering The Smiths are awesome!

  16. Yuval Legendtofski

    Nice Vox amp there. Thats a pre-Brexit Chinese one, I presume? They actually sound really good.

  17. Adrian thanks for another very useful lesson. I like the variety of lessons you teach and the fact that you include country. Your teaching style works well for me.

  18. Great stuff as always Adrian. Regards from Australia

  19. Excellent!! Thank you.

  20. Great lesson Adrian and thank you, what's in the signal chain from the Tele to the Champ, so clean and quite on the bridge PU

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