The Essential Reggae Guitar Lesson

The Essential Reggae Guitar Lesson

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  1. How'd you like this lesson? What other genres of music are you interested in?

  2. Some really good reggaeguitarplayer says Reggae is only downstroke. Upstroke is Calypso.

  3. Kinda like Clapton

  4. Hey! thanks for this fantastic & informative lesson on reggae guitar…. I'm getting a 3 piece together playing songs from our old bands and doing them reggae instead of rock. This lesson was really helpful thank you!

  5. Nice REGGAE music

  6. 3:35 poor bird 🙁

  7. What type of guitar pick would you recommend for reggae-rock music? Something that can do both solos and chords


  9. I’d love to hear one on funk

  10. Reggae is all downstrokes, upstrokes are for Ska

  11. Learn police, that's all.

  12. Did you buy that new prs, or did paul gift you that one? She's real pretty!

  13. Jack's Film Orchard

    BEST LESSON EVER!!! This is actually helping me!

  14. David Ben deWaard

    The basics of reggea isnt that hard getting good at reggea is really hard

  15. there is a raggae prs that exsists from 1992 its has the colors but kinda faded. rare

  16. sublime really helped me get the reggae/ska feel on the guitar.

  17. I WOULD LOVE TO ADD GIRTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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