The First Electric Guitar Solo Ever Recorded | Guitar Lesson + TAB | by RJ Ronquillo

Have you ever wondered what the very first recorded electric guitar solo was? In this video we go deep into guitar history/geekery and learn about some of the first recorded examples of the electric guitar solo!

Guitar: Eastwood Tuxedo
Amp: Suhr PT100


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  1. R.J. Ronquillo Guitar

    Hold the press! I'm discovering new information that Leon McAuliffe with Bob Wills' Texas Playboys may have recorded an electric guitar 3 days prior to Jim Boyd. Need to find a recording to find out if there was a solo during those sessions!

  2. Killer. My first was when Django went electric briefly in the early '50's. Had the vinyl, it "grew legs" & left. Still have the memory. Thanks!

  3. Super cool to hear about the heritage of the instrument man. Great work!

  4. Hey RJ, this is a great video.  George Barnes was an amazing guitarist and right up among the greatest names every.   Have you checked out the YouTube video "Bach Fugue in G Minor– George Barnes and the Renaissance Quartet"?   Very few guitarists ever get to his level, he was a true master.

  5. Your channel is pure quality, in so many ways!

  6. Holly catfood Batman…… 0___o. That's a bitchin tab….. Ever get into Django groove?

  7. Excellent content. George Barnes was very a cool player who tends to get lost in the crowd.

  8. Recently found out your work, it's great stuff man! I've learned a lot this far. It seems that there is this ONE guy who goes on your videos and click on dislike SMH

  9. Actually dig the first one! Lol

  10. Thanks for the lesson, great work!

  11. Can't_Start A_Fire

    That's too cool man! Thanks RJ! Merry Christmas! Kids dug it too…

  12. Don't stomp a hot dog in bare feet.

  13. Great playing as always as well!

  14. Hilarious RJ! Love it!

  15. Merry Christmas RJ!!! As always, great video. So glad I found your channel a few months ago.

  16. You should reach out to Alexandra, the daughter of George Barnes. She is awesome.

  17. Hahaha, that was awesome, thanks!

  18. Sounds like at least two quotes in that solo, maybe three. "Ain't Necessarily So" is the only one I know the title of.

  19. great stuff

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