The FIRST SCALE you should learn on guitar PLUS TEN RIFFS!


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Song 1- Sweet Home Chicago…
Song 2- Fever by The Cramps…
Song 3 – Spoonful by Howlin Wolf…
Song 4 – 20th Century Boy by T Rex…
Song 5 – Roadhouse Blues by The Doors…
Song 6 – TNT by AC/DC…
Song 7 – Lonely Boy by The Black Keys…
Song 8 – Smokestack Lightnin’ by Howlin’ Wolf…
Song 9- Howlin’ For You by The Black Keys…
Song 10 – Hey Joe by Jimi Hendrix…

In this first single note guitar lesson, we look at the E Minor Pentatonic Scale in open position (which mean it uses open strings!) This is appropriate as your first ever scale! That word ‘scale’ can be very scary for some people- it was for me too! However, a scale simply give you all the ‘good notes’ that work well one after the other in ascending and descending order. Its like learning the ‘ABC’ of music so we can learn to make the guitar ‘talk’!

As a scale alone is pretty useless (no ones gonna pay to hear scales! haha) we look at 10 songs that use notes from this scale so you can APPLY the ‘good notes’ you now know straight away! This scale means we can play Rock and Blues riffs. If that sounds like fun- you gotta learn this scale!!

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  1. You're an excellent teacher. Thank you!

  2. Valentijn van Helsdingen

    Thanks for the vid Rory!

  3. This is a new comment (2018) on an older video (2014) BUT… you made playing this scale fun. I have avoided learning them because I thought they were hard but nope… you made it seem easy. Thanks so much for that Andy!


  5. >Guitar Scales For Beginners
    "Ah yes I can learn how to play guitar now"
    E minor
    Open position
    >Confused, everything sounds confusing.
    >What's a string?
    >What's a guitar?
    >Closing down YouTube now.
    >What am I doing?

  6. Why is only 5 notes on a scale on guitar when on piano is 7 notes? Can you pls explain pls?

  7. Andy I'm sticking to the guitar in the past few days and I've seen improvements thanks to you. You are awesome

  8. Got the same epiphone but black

  9. Talk too much!!! Ugh….

  10. Thank you man. I've played 8 years and always avoided learning my scales. You are very thorough with your explanations. It's very helpful since I know nothing of scales what so ever. I like, the fact that you explain the meaning of pent and tonic too. Youre very informative and you're super knowledgeable.

  11. Your lessons have done more for my guitar than any of the other methods I have tried.
    Thank you

  12. How To Play Reggae

    It's good to learn the scales in the E position and A position, that way they can play anywhere on the guitar. Good lesson.

  13. What ten songs are they because they not in this video !!????

  14. Awesome! I hAve finAlly gotten to the point where I can pick these scales up quickly and these vids have been helping so much (//_-)

  15. Sub’d, pleasure to listen to

  16. That was a great lesson mate, laid back but explanatory. Thanks a bundle, gonna get right to it.

  17. Wow. This shows me that I have lots to learn! Thanks for your help!! You’re a great instructor!!

  18. This lesson is 90 per cent talking

  19. Thanks for the excellent video very easy to learn with your videos, much appreciated

  20. sub scibe to me. it would be an honor

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