The Foo Fighters – Everlong Guitar Lesson – How to Play on Guitar – Dave Grohl

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  1. This is great. Thanks.

  2. That pre-chorus does not sound right. But other tutorials play it the same.


  3. Am total beginner, so was looking for early cheats and quick fixes that make for a credible sound while in parallel, I work on technique and "learn to do things right"… so this was great… chugging with palm muting was great… breaking it into four "movements" made it intelligible and help me get a sense of progress.OK OK OK… Dave G ain't going to be quaking in his boots at the prospect of a new young pretender….or very middle aged pretender… but I felt great  about the sound.

  4. KICK ASS TUTORIAL…you made is so easy I left this video on and came back home and my cat was jammin like a champ on my guitar…little bastard dropped my ax and ran off before I could take a pic

  5. So glad I just found your channel. This is awesome, two thumbs up!

  6. Thank you! And from what I could tell identical to how Dave Grohl played it. Couldnt find the right version anywhere else especially with the strumming pattern. Awesome vid!

  7. How do you play the distorted part before and after the first verse?

  8. Thank Marty.

  9. I just started learning to play guitar after talking about it for years….no time like the present! This is my favorite song ever and this video is really helpful….i've got the verses down for the most part….now to learn the prechorus and chorus. Thanks a bunch Marty!

  10. if you wanna play the pre chorus to sounds most like the actual one if when you get to the ninth fret bar chord you stay on and then slide quickly between the nine and tenth then the usual down to 7

  11. Thanks. Nice one.
    Always loved that song, but it sort of escaped my attention, whilst I was head down & arse up raising a family.
    Love that sound. Thanks for showing us how he got it!

  12. Thank you so much Marty! And all the songs you have helped me learn you are a great teacher and love to play guitar as I do to

  13. This song is also real easy in standard tuning and easier to pattern

  14. This song is also real easy in standard tuning and easier to pattern

  15. I FINALLY found your older lesson video from guitar jams on this song.

  16. You are such a great teacher man, I managed to get this song down in one hour. Well, the parts you taught, I don’t know if there’s more lil

  17. Gonzo Indigenous One

    Thank you!!! You were very intuitive!!!

  18. I really appreciate how detailed your lessons are, you're not rushing it and repeating things couple of times. Thanks!

  19. Damn, I love this song so much, sometimes it makes me tear up.

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