The Fundamental Bass Lesson | Bass and Drums Workshop

The Fundamental Bass Lesson | Bass and Drums Workshop

In this video, professional bassist Jason Foster demonstrates easy techniques to become a better bass player.
The Fundamental Bass Lesson | Bass and Drums Workshop Lessons
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  1. thank you for this video I have additional knowledge to bass … I'm also playing bass guitar .. Sir don moen may I request you to upload bass tutorial not totally basic lesson but medium lesson. thank you the LORD may bless so more

  2. Somebody EQ that snare

  3. Rowena Grace Estrabela Toriaga

    What are the chords of that song? 🙂

  4. Can you help me I am not very good ?

  5. I actually don't believe in god, neither do I go to church. I still find these videos interesting and it's for a great purpose too. Everything seems so nice and chill and the environment is great too.

  6. what type of bass is the Jason Playing in this video?

  7. Hey Don, what bass is that? Thanks and God bless

  8. Don thanks for this video,God bless you so much

  9. Most Excellent Videos! Combining these Videos plus the Yousician App. helps a great Deal. Thank You so Much!

  10. Am being Honest. My Dad is real big fan of you, and named me Don. and the worst part is my voice is so bad lol

  11. I feel like Jason should do bass tutorials!

  12. Wow thats awesome thank you

  13. and then there is this kind of drum player who would always play the kick pattern differently and drive bass players nuts lol

  14. That snare ringing too much bro.

  15. Very nice.

  16. Would this only apply to contemporary style? Or is it a universal rule of thumb?

  17. santos

    I can relate myself with this video because in my church where I used to be the drummer, we had this bass player that didn't follow the drums patterns at all, and it was really bad.

  18. Very well played gentlemen! Check out this up and comming band. They're studio players too. They also that play for the song: Watch "Chasing the Wind by Inside Out (Official Music Video)" on YouTube

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