The Funeral – Guitar Lesson – Band Of Horses – How To Play

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  1. You should do some lumineer tutorials! Like cleopatra or some cool riff like that.

  2. could you upload a video on how to play "No One's Gonna Love you" by Band of Horses. Thank you.

  3. Илья Шарон

    on a classic guitar only 12 threats
    and play 13 on deck is dificult

  4. That barlock is a son of a bitch. As if the rest wasn't already hard enough with my fat fingers.

  5. Skip to 2:12

  6. Everytime I hear this song I get the major feels for HIMYM. such an emotional song and scene.

  7. Артем Король

    thanks a lot

  8. Thank you for being one of the few people to actually give us a sample of how You play the song before you start the lesson, I just wish the lesson was explained with using a capo like the band does on this song.

  9. Amazing ! thanks for this lesson ;)

  10. Thanks for the lesson and good shout on the giddy tees, they're awesome! :D

  11. gonzalo sanchez rodriguez

    thank you Drue, very clear and useful video. you make it easier, Greatings from Spain.

  12. thank you!!:)

  13. thank you! just in right time :)

  14. Vladimir Chesnokov

    the good point is that ur choosing the right songs

  15. i cant describe how happy i am to have found this lesson i love this song thankyou so much

  16. please please please do draw your swords by Angus and Julia stone or wine and poison by the civil war or both lol thanks your tutorials are the best by the way!!! :)

  17. great lesson ..thanks for taking the time to show this great song. Appreciated. Martin

  18. Capo…..

  19. Any chance of a tutorial of cocoon it would help me out alot. Thank you if not any chance of lessons on any other songs by Catfish and the Bottlemen?

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