The Greatest Hybrid Picking Guitar Lesson Ever Pt.1 – Rock – Blues – Country – Jazz – Fender Strat

The Greatest Hybrid Picking Guitar Lesson Ever Pt.1 - Rock - Blues - Country - Jazz - Fender Strat

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In this guitar lesson we will begin an in depth look at hybrid picking. Hybrid picking is the use of your pick along with the rest of your picking hand fingers simultaneously.

Hybrid picking is used by countless players in all styles of music. Players like Albert Lee, Steve Morse, Eric Johnson, John 5 and Brad Paisley use this technique quite extensively.

In this lesson I have adapted Mauro Giuliani’s classic study “120 Daily Exercises For The Right Hand” for hybrid picking. These are the same studies classical guitarists have used for hundreds of years to develop their flawless technique. Now you can do the same with your hybrid picking.

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Lesson Taught By: Carl Brown


  1. By far the best lesson I’ve seen on this subject on YouTube . Great job

  2. The original Hybrid Theory

  3. Charlie Glynwoods

    Great lesson!

  4. Buckethead

  5. Bacot mulu

  6. Excellent lesson thanks.

  7. Animals as leaders – on impulse
    Is good hybrid picking technique

  8. What is the benefit to using these patterns for hybrid picking versus just using your thumb to play open-hand?

  9. I still haven't seen somebody do it like Shawn Lane.

  10. bay thouhgs are scinny finger on such a tiny neck!

  11. This is Great. Thank you 🙂

  12. This may be off topic but I recently visited my brother in Georga who had just come back from a visit from Nashville. He informed me that just about everybody he saw up there was using a thumb pick. I've been struggling with this for a couple of years and found your lessons and I am using my thumb pick towork on them. Right or wrong I intend to master this stuff using a thumb pick. Excellent lessons by the way.

  13. Is a beautiful Bach classical piece, nice way to use hybrid though.

  14. Was that last part suppose to be cliffs of dover in a lower tuning? Oh snap.

  15. Doctor McFarland Studios

    This basic pattern is the first example in my Pumping Nylon Classical Guitar book. Interesting…

  16. Giuliani:) Best 120 excercises ever written:)

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