The Joker by Steve Miller Band Guitar Lesson – How to Play on Guitar – Tutorial

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  1. I too am a G-G, I'm a C-C!!!
    cheers Marty!

  2. Tallshrew Fishing

    F Bb E but this down tuning is the right way to do it. Great vid, thanks.

  3. Can u teach fly like an eagle

  4. Marty your awesome I have learned a lot watching your videos and of course I stayed with you why you went off to do your own thing

  5. Herbert Shallcross

    I could watch these lessons for hours! You are very accessible, which isn't a bad thing for a teacher. Now, to go thrash away at my guitar and see if I learned anything!

  6. Great lessons. Can u please do a lesson for the Maggie may intro

  7. Marvellous, thank you a very lot sir, a very lot! .. Marty the Party. innit.cheers.

  8. this is SO good

  9. Kieran McGuinness

    How about Albatross by Fleetwood Mac

  10. Hey Marty great song was wondering if you could teach whole lot in love by Austin burke

  11. Your best video!

  12. I have a cool story Marty…I was in with my buddy Mike L. (we had long hair and Metal heads) at Taco Bell on Chapman Blvd in Southern Cali. In front of us was Mark St. John from Kiss and asked if we wanted some tickets. We were in awe and said yes…wow…thx bro….still in awe meeting with Mark. It turned out to be Steve Miller Band playing at Anaheim Stadium. We said thanks and tuned up to the show the next day and it was one of the best shows we ever saw. Thanks Mark St. John and RIP. Steve Miller freaking ROCKS.

  13. All hail Marty

  14. Great job on the song Marty! Thank you for taking the time to do this for us all!

  15. you contribute to this world. thank you for your work! greetings from germany! peace marty

  16. Very Good Lesson! Greetings from Germany. You are the Best. Great Great Great.

  17. Always come to for help..instant connection your the man.thank you for helping us all.

  18. Marty thanks for teaching how I started back playing again. Learned when I was a little kid. Tho I forgot. Ever thought about a live guitar jam with some of your youtube students..?

  19. I'm a joker I'm a smoker ima gonna steal Marty's hats!

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