The Killers Somebody Told Me Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Somebody told me, that you had a guitar, and want to play this song, so I made a tutorial to teach you. That’s right, today I’m teaching you how to play Somebody Told Me by The Killers on electric guitar! Check it out!

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  1. Hey Marty, thanks for the somebody told me guitar lesson. Appreciated!

  2. It’s mr bright side

  3. Great tutorial another good one would be "When we were young" The Killers

  4. Me and my family wish you a great merry Christmas, and thank you for helping me learn how to play my guitar, God bless

  5. Very tasty

  6. Merry Christmas Marty. Thank you for being such an awesome teacher for all this time. I've learned so much from you and recommend your videos to anyone who asks about learning to play guitar.

  7. Santa brought me a new guitar and now I'm ready to learn my friend!!!

  8. Merry Christmas Marty! Thanks for everything you’ve done. Best wishes in 2020!

  9. Marty pls can u do square hammer by ghost ! That would be awesome since your a really great teacher and player

  10. Hey Marty Great Job. Could you please do a lesson on "from the beginning" Emerson Lake and Palmer . Thats a great tune

  11. DO HUMMER BY SMASHING PUMPKINS !!!!!! there are no videos on YouTube and I’m desperate

  12. Happy Holidays Marty……thanks as always and keep the new stuff coming.

  13. Please make guitar lesson whisful thingking from john petrucci,thank you so much

  14. Clayton Schelfhout

    Hey Marty, please do it's because I love you by masters apprentices

  15. Can you pls make a video on mother’s little helper by The Rolling Stones love your vids they have helped me get pretty good at guitar and make things easier to learn keep it up ❤️

  16. Any chance of toss a coin to your Witcher?

  17. Happy holidays brother, keep on jamming

  18. Matthew and Dalia Steer

    Do midnight show from the killers
    Merry Christmas Marty!
    Your videos are the best!

  19. Loving daily vids

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