The Last of Us: Left Behind Soundtrack Acoustic Guitar Lesson in Fingerstyle

Hey Guys, Marco here. Thank you very much for checking out my videos. I hope you enjoy the lessons!

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  1. hands down!!! one of my favorite soundtracks coming from a video game <3

  2. vince provenzano

    Hey Marco love your lessons, I would appreciate it if you make a lesson video for the song "Rehab" by Machine Gun Kelly it's got a great rhythem to it I know you will like.

  3. You should do attention by Charlie Puth

  4. Fantastic as always.

  5. Abhishek Kumar

    and can you teach doreamon theme song please please

  6. Abhishek Kumar

    can you teach issues

  7. great video! it`s a fun game and an awesome soundtrack.

  8. you are amazing! Can you possibly do a tutorial of Isnt She lovely? 😀

  9. Hey Marco can you do a tutorial or like a bit fingerstyle of crying in the club by camila cabello ty!! 🙂

  10. David Nogueira

    Hi Marco 🙂 amazing video as always. Could you please do "Amar pelos dois" from Salvador Sobral, it was the winning song of the Eurovision this year, and as a portuguese I would love to learn it

  11. Some Texan Guy

    could you do some latin style songs, or some really pretty classical stuff. I love that you teach finger picking, and I wana learn some pretty songs.

  12. rguig noureddine

    Wow impressing as always

  13. Could you show the full chords of one last time

  14. Trevor Anderson

    Hey Marco!

  15. could u do i have questions by camila cabello pls

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