The Marias – I Don’t Know You Guitar & Bass Guitar Lesson

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  1. Once you know by good morning

  2. Mac Demarco – baby’s wearing blue jeans pleaseeee

  3. Cariñoooo

  4. ruthless please

  5. Abertan Rodriguez Molina

    please do "Basta Ya", by the Marias.

  6. Thank you so much!!

  7. Marcos Fredrickson

    Well done! The Marias- Basta Ya, please!

  8. The Marías – Cariño in Bass please ❤

  9. What pedal and settings are you using?

  10. Uhhhh check out my Instagram lmao

  11. Can you please do a Locket-Crumb Tutorial please

  12. Run by Phum Viphurit pleaasee

  13. Could u do Basta Ya – The Marías plz

  14. Michael Seyer- Preety Girls please!!

  15. Ruthless by The Marias PLEASEEEEEE

  16. What Am I Trying To Say? ?

    Can you please make the tutorial of Puma Blue “she’s just a phase”?

  17. Tipling rock- starding

  18. Could you do Help Your Self by Courtney Barnett?

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