The Minor Pentatonic Scale For Bass Guitar (L#171)

In this lesson we look at the Minor Pentatonic Scale. This is one of the most common scales in all of rock and pop music. We look at how to play a basic, common fingering of the scale, move it around to different areas on the neck and then learn a riff based on the scale.

Lesson Material available here:

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THE Must Know Scale For Every Rock/Funk Bass Player

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  1. Very easy to understand and helpful. Thanks for your lessons!

  2. The bridge saddle for the top string looks off.

  3. Awesome vid and nice clear audio with perfect volume.

  4. Hi Mark, cool lesson!
    I know that this isn't the right video to talk/ask about it, but i hope you'll reply me!
    I've just found a Vantage bass 5 strings, the price is 200€ but the seller said that he can go lower, it's used but not that much.
    My question is, are vantage's basses good? One of my friend has a semi-acustic guitar by them and it sounds great, but i can't find any informations about their basses, help me please

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