THE MODES Part 1 | Bass Guitar Tips ~ Daric Bennett’s Bass Lessons

In this video I cover the first four modes of a C Major scale – Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, and Lydian. I will discuss the tonality and fingering of these modes as well as the position in this lesson.

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——- Gear Used in this Video ——-

Camera- Canon Rebel T6i

Gk Plex Preamp

Squier Bass

Bass Strings


Leather strap


“The Hat”

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  1. I Don't Play Like My Aunt Lydia: my way of remembering modes.

  2. Brand New Member of the BASS Nation…Happy to be Learning from You Bro. You're a very Informative Easy to Follow Teacher. Thanx, Mike.. Peace

  3. Thank you my brother. The clarity and patients you've master is more than helpful to me. The biggest gift I think you process is patients. Not knocking those that offer this teaching but they could learn alot from a brother such as yourself. Ya'll thank this dude. I appreciate it. sorry so long. Peace

  4. I

  5. can u pls.. apply those modes on chord progressions. make a video of how to utilize thosr modes over chord changes.

  6. Great teaching!! very clear and understandable

  7. Fernando Felipe

    Hoooooo Brazil

  8. very important indeed !!

  9. Lawrence Haber Music

    Great material and explanation, keep up the good work! This will be helpful to many players, I'm sure.

  10. Man this really helped me!

  11. Yes!!! Very Important!!! Thanks!! and Sorry for my Bad Eng..i'm Italian, i Really like Your Channel and Lessons!!

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