The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather – Tutorial – Guitar Lesson

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The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather – Tutorial – Guitar Lesson Brett Papa papastachepop papastache102 papastache


  1. at 4:02 how do you play the c-major part because that does not look like a c major chord

  2. make a tutorial for the song Endless Bummer by Weezer I would really like to learn it

  3. great tutorial but I am having a really hard time getting that pinky on 17th fret so that last two strings don't get muted. Can you give some advice? Thanks

  4. how'd ya tune your amp for this song?

  5. how do you tune down a whole step?

  6. Hey!!! Really good!! I have a question…. What is the chord of the minute 4:02 ?

  7. This was epic! Thank you for doing this tuto

  8. I love this, I love the song but hearing the guitar part is everything

  9. Александра Черепанова


  10. afinación?

  11. Wish that it was more descriptive like which fingers on with frets of which string and such. Could be broken down more for beginners.

  12. TheLivreGamesBr Games

    tablature please

  13. TheLivreGamesBr Games

    Tab ?

  14. awesome!

  15. This guy fucks

  16. Really good tutorial 😀 can you pls do prey from the neighbourhood

  17. Mathias Bendiksen

    Use a Plate reverb and dual delay. 🙂

  18. This is excellent.

  19. Please do lying is the most fun by panic at the disco

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