The Office Theme Song – Guitar Lesson

Take a jet plane straight to Scranton and learn this classic TV hit’s theme song!

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  2. Dwight pewds

  3. this intro is great

  4. James 'sphinx' Richardson

    The office UK?

  5. That intro was my favorite thing ever

  6. Mortimus Maximus Aurilius

    Nice! Would be cool to do a video of the Home Improvement theme, king of the hill, and/or the Simpsons too.

  7. This is what we needed

  8. Identity theft is not a joke Jim

  9. Sounds like something that'd be on Green Day's Nimrod

  10. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved

  11. aaron handerson


  12. I think it would be awesome if you could do a lesson on the rocky theme song solo.

  13. Who put the dislikes c'mon!

  14. LittleMar :”-1

    The first version is played the same way as A Day in The Life by The Beatles

  15. What’s the strumming pattern?

  16. Do the Frasier theme!!!! I’m finding it surprisingly difficult to figure out.

  17. Jackson Fennell

    Best episode he has made

  18. This is funny lol

  19. Great :)) Nice guitar playing 🙂

  20. Samuel Kallevig

    That was awesome dude!! I've watched every episode of that show

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