The ONLY 3 scales you NEED to know on guitar

The ONLY 3 scales you NEED to know on guitar

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  1. Thank you so very much, Sir.

  2. Great stuff, Andy!

  3. 7:47,you say middle and 3rd (finger) but you actually use middle and 4th (finger)

  4. do – re -mi -fa -sol -la -si -do 2 ……we call it !!!!

  5. Great content,sick of the fender play adverts,makes me NEVER want to sign up to fender frickin play!!

  6. So, while you are using C as your starting point, what you are really doing is teaching a movable shape that would work from the E string regardless of the root note, correct? In other words, I can do the same thing starting from the G on the E string, A on the E string, etc. I ask because I am the type of person that wants to understand what I'm doing, not just do it.

  7. Im lost now hahaha

  8. I love this guy. He has taught me so much! This guy is a musical saint!

  9. I feel like smashin a hammer on my pinky finger !!! It just does its own thing i cant press down when stretching from the 8th thret !!

  10. Kevin's Guitar Journey

    So confusing sometimes. The minor scale played at the 5th fret is the AM scale which is the only one knew. I've seen diagrams with that same pattern played at 3rd fret…what is that?

  11. No shade, I actually have paid for a few of the Andy guitar courses but I think he mis speaks and says middle to 3rd on the second to last sequence when he means middle to 4th which is what he actually plays

  12. This is the first time I've ever understood the words my old instructors were saying. This clicks for me in rhythm unlike before

  13. How long should I do this for daily. Over and over for like 30 minutes a day?

  14. are most modern rnb songs in minor pentatonic?

  15. Could you teach us some Jake Bugg songs?  I love them all so any really but Slide and Broken are my favourites.  You're such a great teacher by the way.

  16. Hi Andy. I was wondering if you would do a lesson for Holiday Green Day?

  17. Hi Andy. Quick question, as a beginner/ intermediate player, what are some top tips for learning the fret board and lead guitar? What's most important thing to practice or learn?
    Cheers, David Wirral England.

  18. Could you do a tutorial for Seaside by The Kooks? Doesn't seem to be a good one on YouTube yet

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