The only 5 scales you’ll EVER need to learn

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There are a LOT of scales, right? – I think we all know that.

And, I think we can also admit that it can be totally overwhelming knowing which one to learn next, which one will be most useful to us for where we’re at right now as a bass player… and in some cases, just how to use scales in a practical and musical way…

Well, check this out…

In this new video, I’m going to show you the only 5 scales you’ll ever need to learn!

Sound crazy? Well, there’s method behind the madness 😉

As always, see you in the shed…

Scott 🙂


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  1. Thanks Scott, I'm craving some apple juice right now -_-

  2. หนึ่ง มาร์ทชา

    play bad bass ..!!

  3. Hi there, recently been given a Yamaha 5 string 375 present and wondered what strings would be suitable that are smooth. I do play guitar but have no idea about bass strings. Any recommendations? Thanks, nb. just found your vid on strings so no worries! 😀

  4. 8 Minutes in the video
    "And the second scale type is . . ."

  5. Thanks. Now, I know what Geddy Lee is doing in YYZ.

  6. Gregorius Putranto

    Thank You.

  7. worthless giberish…………………….

  8. Mahnnnnnnnnnn! Dont know u but
    u jst made me want to learn the bass guitar! boy u r good!!

  9. frigin' modes annoy me! unlike dorkian scale.

  10. Man, you def know your stuff but you're tough to follow!
    I could begin to explain my point… but that would take 10hrs. Lol

  11. Do you wear that glove when you are wanking your cock, or is it just for wanking your bass?

  12. Rosang L Pongener

    Hi…could you make a video about how to play tapping??? 🙂

  13. Damn that glove!

  14. Scott, that precision sounds so great… what's the history of it?..

  15. Couldn't this entire lesson have been boiled down to about three or four minutes?

  16. Just a question on the melodic minor scale…doesn't it have a flatted 6th and 7th when descending?

  17. Scott, slow down please.

  18. 0:55 Cry-kee!!! Look at those tentacles!!!

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