The Parting Glass – Irish Folk Song – Acoustic Guitar Lesson (easy)

The Parting Glass - Irish Folk Song - Acoustic Guitar Lesson (easy)

An acoustic guitar lesson of my interpretation of the classic Irish folk song – The Parting Glass. Loads more free lessons can be found at Guitar Tutor Man’s official website: where you can also find a song sheet for this video:) Please support my video creation by clicking here: 🙂
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  1. BRAVOOO! Thank you so much for the guitar lesson, Alan, and the wonderful singing too, It was a magic moment for me hearing you singing this marvellous tune.

  2. I'm so happy that you did this song, I love it! Thanks a lot for your amazing work!

  3. Apex_Predator1998

    So what I'm getting from this tutorial (because I'm a bit new to fingerpicking), is that as long as we pick a bass string with our thumb, we can play the final three strings with our Index, Middle, and Ring fingers?

  4. One of my favorites Alan, and a brilliant job of singing! (I've heard so many 'professional singers' do such a poor interpretation of it on youtube).

  5. Assassins Creed 4 led me here :D

  6. I usually play along with your videos however this one i just had to listen, such great music, thank you.

  7. At 33 years of age I just got my first guitar and I'm very excited to learn. As I always loved Parting Glass I decided this to be my first song to learn. That's how I discovered your great channel. I browsed through youtube for some time searching for a good learning videos and yours are by far best edited and beginner friendly with all neccesary information placed on screen. Thank you for your videos!

  8. I have not yet found a version of this song that I like better than yours.
    amazing lesson and great vocals, thanks a lot.

  9. That was pure dead brilliant Alan!! Beautiful song! Wish you all the best for this 2016, greetings from Peru! :)

  10. That's so beautiful song!! (:

  11. Варвара Машкина

    Алан,пожалуйста разбери Ten Years After – I'd Love to Change the World ))

  12. Great Job Alan !!!! Thanks .. Have a Nice Weekend .. ️Nadin

  13. many thanks for your advice Alan. I have taken it in board and hope to share the fruits of my labours soon. Thanks again mate and have a great Christmas too.

  14. Nice job, Alan….. with a song that is favourite at Irish music sessions here in Denver. Usually sung a capella, but sounds good with the guitar. Cheers!

  15. Hi Alan I was wondering if you can cover/teach a song by city and colour called The girl with capo 3 please and thank you love your video you teach me how to play some the smith songs on guitar lol

  16. Bravooo!!!! Good teacher, good playing, good voice……….. What else?

  17. Mateusz Nalewajski

    i love you for this!

  18. Wow I love this song. I remember this one guy singing it at my Granddad's house long long ago. Nicely done Alan and good to hear again.

  19. Hof H (Humility of Humanity)

    Thanks Alan I have many Irish friends who will be happy I've learned this :)

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