The Pentatonic Scale For Bass: A 'Hack' For Memorizing And Combining Pentatonic Shapes

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Do you know how most people go about learning scales – specifically the pentatonic scale for bass?

The usual process is to go up and down the scales until the ‘stick’ – although that could take a long time.

This process – while it’s good for getting familiar with new scales – can actually be making you sound bland and robotic.


Well if that’s the only way you practice your scales, what do you think is going to come out whenever you start making your own bass lines, creating fills or taking solos?

If all you do is go up and down scales in isolation, you’ll probably do the exact same thing when you’re trying to make music.

Here’s the tricky part though – just going up and down scales isn’t very ‘musical’. It just sounds like an exercise and that something you don’t want when you’re playing music.

You can ‘hijack’ this scale-learning process though using the method in this video to make sure that you not only learn new scales and memorize them so they stick, but you’ll be able to play them fluidly all over your fretboard.

If you’d like a copy of the shapes of the pentatonic scale for bass as well as the tabs and notation for everything you see in the lesson, just go here:

The Pentatonic Scale For Bass: A ‘Hack’ For Memorizing And Combining Pentatonic Shapes

Sign up up on that page and I’ll send you my free Pentatonic Scale Cheat Sheet. It’s 100% awesome and 100% free.

Good luck with the lesson and happy playing!


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  1. Thanks Luke, great execice !

  2. Marcus Van Assendelft van Wijck

    Thnx for this lesson. Question:Why don't you start on the E-string and do the whole pattern ?

  3. Hi Luke , can the shapes be used mixed up ? so start on the second shape and then the fourth ?

  4. The Sunday Carpenter

    Incredibly, Awesome!

  5. lahssan Bonhaued

    Groupe Tinarawan ?

  6. In every scale video I've ever watched someone has made mistake while saying what they're playing "oo pardon me"

  7. This is gold…..thanks Luke!!

  8. great lesson!!! thank you!!!!

  9. Why didn't you use the low E string? now I don't know what to do with it…

  10. How can this be applied to a 5 string? Is it still the same, staying off the B and E string. Thanks

  11. lawrence decamillis

    Luke , this is by far the best video on this topic. it has really opened up the fretboard. your teaching style really made it clear.thanks

  12. Very good mate! You are one of the 3 teachers I use (other 2 are Scott’s bass lessons and talking and I’m learning so much!

  13. Peter Del Gatto, I like the way you explain the pentatonic scales by playing them at the same time, thanks "Luke"

  14. Thanks Luke..tonight the lights went on…lol…i got it..finally..i really understand…thank you..

  15. I’m so glad to find your channel!! Quite honestly this is the first time in 31 years playing bass that I actually feel comfortable playing the pentatonic scale all over the fret board!! The other videos are awesome as well!,
    Thank you so much!,

  16. Richard Rousseau

    Awesome lesson Luke – I have been playing the same tired Pentatonic lick for years :} You've opened up a new world for me. Thank You !

  17. Marquelle Williams

    That bass sexy

  18. what if i use a minor ? is that the same with c minor?

  19. wow very thorough and informative. thanks a lot!

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