The Pixies Where Is My Mind Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

With your feet on the air and your head on the ground try to learn Where Is My Mind by The Pixies if you dare! Today we’re taking a look at this classic 80’s tune that will be sure to get you asking yourself where is my mind? So grab your guitar and let get rocking!

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  2. thank u, i’ll study it

  3. That’s strange I saw Fight Club yesterday

  4. heavy metal goat sacrificer

    The firsr rule of….

  5. make a tutorial for xxxtentacion's latest song Hearteater.

  6. Nice acoustic what brand is it?

  7. I always liked this song when it came on the radio but I never knew the name now I do tho lol. I love the sound of the soft electric guitar. Good lesson as always, best teacher on YouTube

  8. Cool tune good bar chord practice ,easy Melody to keep in time with

  9. Hi, love your lessons! Can you please make a video about how to play Eruption that would be so cool!

  10. Great lesson! Do Debaser next

  11. Ola Marty! A tutorial for My Life Is Going On, the theme song of La Casa de Papel

  12. Sorry I already knew this

    Because Tyler knows

  13. YEW martdog back again with a slappppaaa

  14. Great stuff Greetings from Sweden Rene DI

  15. 3 dislikes are people who have clearly lost their mind.

  16. Sir can you provide us with the review of this guitar

    RockJam RJEG02-SK-BB Electric Guitar Starter Kit (Blue Burst)

  17. LIKED, LINKED, SUBSCRIBED, and I Hit That Bell! Now PLEASE be the first person ever to teach Brooklyn Bound By The Black Keys!!! You’d be the first person and that song is MEAN AF!

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