The Police – Message In A Bottle Guitar Lesson – How to Play on Guitar – Chords Riff

Learn to play Message in a Bottle by the Police!

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  1. Firstname Lastname

    This 12” radius is killing me

  2. General Washington

    The Schwartzster come through again. Merci Beacoup Marty!!

  3. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW bad cover

  4. Victor Mahtapene

    What tuning is it?

  5. Nice tutorial my man

  6. My favourite guitar teacher

  7. Thank you Marty!!!

  8. Repka Marci Ytv

    Now lesson tis exercrise


  10. I have no idea how to get your pinkie to stretch two frets over . I have big hands and long fingers and I struggle with this big time . lol

  11. Can you do some Alice cooper songs pleaseee

  12. haha this ad just tried to tell me youtube guitar tutorials are bad he obviously doesn’t watch Marty music

  13. Thanks Marty….this was a great easy lesson. I've been playing for a year and a half and every few months I come back to this song, the stretches were too tough…but now I can finally play the chords. Advice for beginners…play very slowly at first, to tempo, speed will come. You've got to put in the reps. Thanks again Marty.

  14. love you marty

  15. Aaron Wolfenbarger

    SUCh an incredibly hard riff until I watched how you played it, I was stretching my fingers and playing the notes rather than moving my fingers and it was hard this looks easier, the technique your usinfg looks so much easier.

  16. Hi Marty, thanks for the great lesson! I've been practicing the Police for days! I don't know if I could ask your next video for the song Don't Cry from Guns N Roses. This song was the one that brought me to rock when I was 12… so it has always been a dream for me to play Guns N Roses one day! Thank you Marty!

  17. Great job, Marty. You took a tough song for an intermediate and made it doable. I hope my hand stops cramping soon from the Police chord!

  18. may the schwartz be with you.

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