The Raconteurs Steady As She Goes Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Hey guys! Today I’m showing you how to play Steady As She Goes by The Raconteurs! I’ll start with the intro riff and break down the barre chords that are played throughout the entire song. Grab your electric guitars and let’s get to playing!

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  1. Requests? Literally anything by Ra or Gojira. Preferably easier because I a beginner but anything you like from them.

  2. Noam Paval Chomsky

    Imagine my disappointment when this was The Raconteurs and not Shellac

  3. NachoBeer Hunter

    Sweet! Love that song.

  4. Can u do this on accoustic maybe too?

  5. Hey Marty, could you do the intro/rhythm for Cortez the Killer by neil young?

  6. Rock on Marty

  7. I know this isnt a very popular song but i would love it if you could possibly do a tutorial on the solo for highway song by blackfoot. My grandpa is going through a hard time and i want to learn that solo to play the song for him. Just a request

  8. I got a request Marty, can you do a lesson on the acoustic version of Cold- End of the world

  9. Next time "Best of you" – Foo Fighters?

  10. Stefan Alexandru

    Can you please teach us some Breaking Benjamin please?

  11. Was waiting long for this one !
    Great as always

  12. Please do some songs by modest mouse like dashboard or float on

  13. You should teach "girls got a rhythm"
    by AC/DC

  14. Can you teach Dance the Night Away (Cream)? Super underrated song, great riff

  15. Gabriel Gallagher

    Awesome song marty. Would love to learn some more rush? or a sgt pepper soloing lesson? thx

  16. Sunday driver!!! Cmon Marty that’s a no brainer……

  17. Me 🙁
    “Hey what’s up guys it’s Marty!”
    Me 🙂

  18. Can you do a lesson on ‘Where is my Mind’ by the Pixies both acoustic and electric guitar parts please.

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