The "Real" Role of the Bass Player /// Scott's Bass Lessons

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I find that one of the biggest stumbling blocks for many bass players is actually understanding what the bass players role is within the band…

It may seem simple at first, but sooooo many players get this completely wrong – and because of this they really miss out on exactly what they should be focusing on to move their bass playing to the next level.

In this lesson you’re going to learn:
– What the ‘real’ role of the bass player is within the band
– The key elements of building grooves and bass lines
– Why it’s so important to know and how it relates to everything you practice
– Why you might be holding yourself back by focusing on the wrong things
– And way more…

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  1. Seems to me you've got multiple roles. Counterpoint with another instrument through just playing rhythm when the guitar is playing a lead… So yeah sitting back and playing root notes is great. Gives dynamic when you are needed to do more.

  2. does the 7 on Cmaj7 mean the 7th note of the scale

  3. What kind of tards would neg down this helpful video?

  4. It’s like a guitar player not being able to play chords.

  5. People always say the bass is the glue but when you become a master of your instrument you don't necessarily need any other instrument.

  6. Marcus Miller bass player lead a German Symphony orchestra, so no, please do not set artificial walls/constraints on any musician. Not everyone is in a small traditional band as you described here. Be free!

  7. It really annoys me when a guitar player plays bass and play bass like their playing guitar parts.

  8. Viktors Bergholcs

    With layers of synths and 2 guitars playing in the band, the least you want to hear bassist playing shit loads of notes

  9. Viktors Bergholcs

    I mean in rock and metal most of the time playing just the root notes is enough, just saying….

  10. To be moody?

  11. Tony TheRealBacaboo Sanchez

    Great advice. Absolutely agree. Thank you!!

  12. Ok no a band is not a bus driver, the guitar is the main instrument in any band and is the template for what the baselines are based on, not the other way around, granted a bass player is a necessity in any band. A perfect band to me is 2 guitars, bass, and drums, maybe a keyboard aswell

  13. This is one of the most important lessons I have taken, thank you Scott.

  14. Hey, everyone! Can someone tell me the name of that intro song that starts at 0:34?

  15. Even as I’m playing a different style including slightly different requirements for my bassplaying – your videos still are very inspirational and helpful. Thanx for that!

  16. That's a great bass lesson.

  17. Rients Dijkstra

    The base is A. the cement between the rythm of the drums and the chords and melodies of the other instruments (both rythmically and harmonically), B. it provides a great deal of the "feel" of the song, which most non-musicians don't even consiously notice, but do react to

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