The Red Hot Chili Peppers – Snow (Hey Oh) – Guitar Lesson – how to play – john frusciante

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  1. martayyyy❤

  2. I’m trying to learn this for the ladies lol

  3. wheres the rest of the soing???????

  4. how do you get so warm tone are u using any of effects?

  5. I was thinking about doing it on acoustic. I'm done thinking

  6. Perfect lesson for me, thanks.

  7. i have a problem… my pinky wont go more higher than my ring finger for some reason.. it makes a weird feeling.. i searched it up on google and it said my pinky and ring fingers are CONNECTED?? is it possible if i develop my ring finger’s muscle so i can play this song ?

  8. hey ooooh, i just liked yer videooooo

  9. This song is so hard to be good at playing but soooo worth it when you can play it smooth

  10. So young here.

  11. for some reason i love watching your fingers .. they r cute

  12. This is a 5 year old video but are you tuned down at all?

  13. Marty is a BOSS

  14. Evil Smile邪惡之笑

    this song is hell to my pinky

  15. I got it down

    I just need to be faster……..I’m a pube hair away from getting it 100% down

  16. I can play the riff for like 10 seconds and then my hand is on fire lol

  17. Literraly guitarjamz is trash, you just showed the riff of the song also in your other videos and sometimes they are also wrong , very bad channel

  18. It looks hard but easy

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