The Rolling Stones – Wild Horses Guitar Lesson – Tutorial – Chords – How to play

The Rolling Stones - Wild Horses Guitar Lesson - Tutorial - Chords - How to play

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  1. Thanks, Marty! Good instructions!

  2. Sounds great!
    How about adding two more Rolling Stones songs, Angie and Dead Flowers!

  3. Just wanted to say thank you! I love playing along with you!!!! 🙂

  4. Will you do something to remind by staind

  5. just found your site Marty….nice easy lesson to follow….thanks

  6. Marty is the best. Just sayin…

  7. Patricia McKnight

    Have hand tremors, so your tutorials on rhythm guitar helps soooo much for my on entertainment! Have learn so much from you! Thanks Marty! your a blessing to me!

  8. How about telling what equipment your using?
    Great stuff, Thanks…
    I guess Stones did open G on record and concerts?

  9. Just subscribed I need to go back to the beginning LoL

  10. Teach me lonesome town by ricky nelson!!!!!

  11. Edison Alfonso Vela

    Gracias Marty, nice tutorial.

  12. Greetings from Germany! Super lesson! ….with so much "GREAT" material, I almost feel guilty about requesting any song…. (almost)…. How about an acoustic Version of: Rolling Stones "No Expectations"? Thanks to you and your Videos, I'm making Progress. Vielen Dank!

  13. U r a fantastic instructor

  14. Marty can you please do a lesson for Eddie Vedder's new song 'out of sand' from the twin peaks soundtrack. I heard it and instantly fell in love with it. Please mate!! Thanks!!

  15. Nice lesson!

  16. Hey Marty , I just want to say this is another great video. Wild Horses. You are a great teacher . Don't know where you get the patience , but I'm thankful . You have a great gift Thank You so much for sharing.

  17. israel_can_guitar11 add me on Instagram

    Im srry but i dont hear it it doesnt sound like it

  18. Marty thanks for being such a great and patient teacher

  19. Richie Kotzen Faith please

  20. Love it! Thanks Marty! Your lessons are fantastic!!!

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