The Saddest Acoustic Guitar Lesson! (Beginner friendly). Sad Italian Waltz

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Few weeks ago I posted a video called “The Saddest Music you can Play on Guitar”.
It is an Italian waltz on A minor played with a lot of passion, musicality and intention. 
As you know, I really love to translate my feelings into music and with this video I really feel I got it right!
The awesome thing about music is that it is also really subjective so I hope I was able to express my state of mind to you guys. 
I just recorded a video lesson where I show you how to play it. 
You can learn it here: “The Saddest Music you can Play on Guitar”

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  1. psy GangmanStyle

    Can you play more sad song it sounds for me a like a happy ending ☺

  2. Jerome Hernandez

    This is awesome. Thanks <3

  3. I love your channel that full of many interesting tutorials. Many thanks <3
    From, Asia

  4. hotel california solo fingurestyle lesson. .

  5. Not bad!

  6. Your instruction videos are great. I like the way in which you guide us through the songs and I love the songs you play.

  7. what guitar model is this?

  8. Thanks Marco,
    Very nice piece,

  9. Thanks a million for the tutorial. Always appreciate your work.
    P.s your channel is the best

  10. Finally:)) Thank you soo much :))

  11. Woow just mind blowing

  12. love ur vids keep it up bro

  13. This thing is amazing

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