The Script – Break even – Learn how to play on acoustic guitar lesson

The Script - Break even - Learn how to play on acoustic guitar lesson

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  1. Lee Byrnevlogs

    I'm Irish

  2. omgyour headsgone

    I don't like Marty's way of teaching it's not even close to correct. My opinion

  3. Commando Commander

    grrr video lag! my computer is about to break even lol

  4. Commando Commander

    Marty forgot to put easy in the video name XD

  5. Could you do "The Man Who Can't be Moved" by The Script?

  6. Dinesh_at_YouTube

    sir i started learning guitar from ur videos..Thanks to you. .such an amazing and talented mentor u are…and this song is one of my favourites and u just nailed it…as always..Love you

  7. what was that number under the c letter?

  8. What's the strumming pattern for the verses?

  9. rock'n with ben m

    Thanks for this also could you do a lesson for superheros by the script.

  10. teach anything acoustic by Pierce The Veil if you can marty xxx

  11. Mandy From Mars

    Thank you! :DDDDDD

  12. nice marty

  13. Kate Coleen Osera

    thank you for uploading this but i'm really having a hard time in strumming but thanks i really learn a lot from this vid.. 😀

  14. yet another one crossed off the list of songs to learn…. i didnt think learning guitar would be this easy let alone be this interesting! Marty you are a superstar!

  15. Man your voice isnt this high anymore marty cx

  16. great!!

  17. you are so great. thank you

  18. you fiddle a lot haha

  19. Mura lang naman, nakakuha akong 250 sa Manila.

  20. tama. mura lang.

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