The "Secret" to Melodic Soloing

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  1. Never thought of it this way – sounds like a great idea! And his name's Ray Davies – another amazing Brit, how do we do it? Cheers mate!

  2. These are the same chords as Taking Care of Business, yet I solo over Cm pentatonic and not F major and it works. Not sure why

  3. At last, an answer to a question that has been bugging me for an age, how do you figure out how to vary the sound of the scales, i.e. make a melodic tune that does more than run up and down the scale. many thanks!

  4. i love you guy's who do these vids…i been playing on/off for 35yrs…self taught,lots of stolen books from…but always learning!!! so many thanks buddy

  5. excellent lesson. thank you.

  6. Stanislaw Halasa

    Very good Thank you,

  7. Thanks ..awesome nailed it ..but how to keep sustain without being monotonus ? through different position ?

  8. WOW! So Great. Makes sense. Your the first to show me this…. Awesome work Brian.

  9. It’s Ray Davies (pronounced Davis) one of the best songwriters ever.

  10. southywideglide Zappa

    What they all said. Good Deal!

  11. Mohamed Moustaghfir

    What's that Yamaha there for?

  12. Please can you tell me how you loop drum beats into the looper pedal? I use a an octave pedal for bass sounds into my looper but would be nice to put in a beat.

  13. What are the essential elements or contents needed to solo?

  14. another great lesson Brian, thanks man , btw …i love the way you dont put alot of distortion and allow the natural beauty of your strat come through. and it has a beautiful color too, know what shade of blue that is called?

  15. Jerry garcia is the master of this hands down.

  16. Waiting for the day your video says, "Breakdown of the Dyer's Eve solo," or something along those lines. Would be cool to see something like that.

  17. You're an excellent teacher and really sweet guitar player, very pleasing to the ear, fresh. Thank you for your videos.

  18. I heard a top jazz drummer teaching drummers to know the melody line and especially the lyrics to bring out their best playing of that tune.

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