The SIMPLEST walking bass line formula – EXACTLY where to start

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It’s super easy to get confused with where to get started with walking bass lines…

This lesson is going to help you get rid of all the noise and distractions, and focus in on what’s going to make the biggest difference to get your walking bass lines happening – today.

And don’t be fooled…

Walking bass lines are NOT just for jazz players.

Far from it.

Learning how to construct walking bass lines is the easiest and fastest way to start ‘really’ learning your fingerboard.

Have fun!

Scott xoxo


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  1. Awesome Lesson!

  2. Hey!! Let's start out in Cm7!!

  3. Van Morrison Moondance… best walking bass line ever. Learn that tune! 🙂
    Excellent tutorial, Scott!
    Funk has lots of walking bass lines, except syncopation skews it and there are so many implied notes.The break the pattern comes through applying these concepts to interacting with the melody line and the rhythm section variances. I get too modal and loose the themes… working on that.

  4. ok but does it shred ?

  5. Dude, What a nice groove for something so simple. Learning from you to do things like that, simple, elegant, is why I am a member and love it so much. Ya Mon I am Soooo Grateful!

  6. Agree with (almost) everything you've presented, I can see how Ed has impacted your playing. He's certainly impacted my playing as well !!! His walking books are THE best overview on the topic I've seen so far ! IMHO, walking bass can be integrated into virtually ANY style and still be considered walking. Case in point; I've played country for many years, and the walking bass lines are RARELY improvised, yet STILL considered walking bass lines. I believe THIS is what separates JAZZ walking bass from any other walking form, is the improvisitory nature of the lines and the music in general !! Just my opinion !! Thanks for your wonderful site/ academy !!!

  7. Great Lesson! I enjoye it, Scott is the best! Never read such a good Walking Bass Explanation.

  8. thank you so much! even i can t speak english very well and i m not a real bass player that video help me a lot for arrange some song with my guitar and bass ! greatngs:)))

  9. Pinakeo Csredjd

    You’re so awesome. Love your bass style

  10. Please do the lesson how to walk just over the one chord please

  11. This damn guy and his damn glove! What a charming teacher

  12. edward michalik

    that G7 chord is actually V7 of the two chord in the key of Bb

  13. 00:5501:03 Comedy Gold

  14. This is still very difficult

  15. Theory explained so clearly and simply. Brilliant and great lesson!

  16. Ethan Lethander

    Why does he wear a glove?

  17. Outstanding lesson. I need to watch it another 80 times

  18. awesome! thank you so much

  19. Everytime you move your arm, I'm scared that permanant marker of yours stain your bass guitar body lol

  20. Best lesson I've seen online. The whiteboard really helps.

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